Bill approved for the castration of the rapist

Lahore, 4th June: The Standing Committee approves a bill for the castration of the rapist.

The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Law and Justice has passed the Anti-Rape Bill 2020, the Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2021 and the NAB Amendment Bill 2020.

Under the Anti-Abuse Bill 2020, if the accused commits the crime again after serving a life sentence, he will be sentenced to chemical castration and under the Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2021, the offender will be subjected to chemical castration again and again.

In addition, under the NAB Amendment Bill 2021, the Prosecutor General will be able to be re-appointed after completing his term.

In a statement, Law Minister Forogh Naseem said that the opposition was requested not to oppose the bill, adding that no political interference was involved in the NAB amendment bill.

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