Bill passed for the welfare of senior citizens in Pakistan, research by VC GCU


A bill aiming to protect the senior citizens economically and socially was passed in National Assembly which was approved.

It is a great honor for GCU Lahore that the research done by their VC Dr. Asghar has become a legislation in Pakistan for the senior citizens.

The research project by VC Dr. Asghar is titled “Moving from the Margins: Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Older Persons in Pakistan”, whose Bill was passed by the National Assembly Pakistan this week on Monday.

This Bill was presented by Dr. Shireen Mazari in National Assembly and all the members including the opposition supported it. The bill has been sent to the President to sign it.

According to the bill, an old age home should be established known as Darul Shafqat for the old citizens of the country.

“The bill aims to socially and economically protect the senior citizens of Islamabad. In this respect, it aims to establish a fund for these senior citizens. It also creates a council, including members from all relevant departments of the government that shall ensure that all possible steps and acts are taken to provide for the wellbeing, comfort and dignity of these senior citizens,” read the bill.

British Council had earlier realized the problems faced by the senior citizens of Pakistan and had funded this project.

VC Prof. Asghar said “I feel very proud that my research on Pakistan’s older population has led to a Legislative Law on senior citizens. I am proud of the ‘societal impact’ created by this research I wish to see this aspect gaining momentum in the work of our researchers at Government College University Lahore”

He added that the real challenge is for this Government to implement on the bill as the previous governments had failed to act on similar bills.

The report stated that Pakistan’s older population was 12.5 million in 2019, and by 2030 it would double while it will reach around 40 million by 2050. This is why he finds it very important for the country to have a way to respond to the needs of old citizens.

Prof. Zaidi believed that Pakistan should support older people, particularly older women to have a safe place and secure income through pensions..

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