Bisouv’s List of Top Schools Appreciates Institutes that Matter

Bisouv Group which is part of “House of Entremuse”, has recently published a list of Pakistan’s Top Schools including names such as Lahore Grammer (LGS), Aitchison and Military Schools, however, it is missing others such as Beacon House and Allied School making it seem like an “incomplete” opinion. 

Bisouv Group headed by Shahziab Awan has annually presented a list of top schools in Pakistan for the years 2017-2019. According to their website, they are “one of the finest online news provider websites” who pride themselves in “defend[ing] the liberal values and egalitarian traditions” they believe in, and “which deserve to be upheld in writing that is both informative and insightful”.

The online paper which deals in Pakistani news, world news and multimedia, originally published a list of top schools for 2017-2018, and mentioned institutes such as Aitchison, Lahore Grammer School, Sadiq Public School with no mention of Beacon House school system, The Educators, or even other expensive institutes that charge money from anything academics related to extracurricular activities and so on.

They published another for 2018-2019, in while they again skipped out on names of some better known or advertised institutes. Therefore, the question arising from this is not entirely baseless, that of quality education being merited on the basis of how much money is being paid for its acquisition.

The fact that most Pakistani parents opt for expensive and ‘elitist’ institutes for their kids, can also not be downplayed.

However, while this list of Pakistan’s leading schools may not be entirely satisfactory for some, as they have missed out on several schools preferred by parents and students alike, we must understand that quality of education cannot always be directly proportional to standard of education and other facilities provided by such institutes.

Therefore, if big names have been missed out from the list we cannot blame Bisouv for coming up with an “incomplete” or “influenced” list, rather we should appreciate the effort put forth to highlight institutes which are actually striving to improve upon Pakistan’s system of education.

Bisouv’s most recent list of Top Schools includes the following institutes mentioned on the basis of “unbiased and valid metrics, studies, and opinions”, and in no particular order:

  • Military College, in Jhelum.
  • Lawrence College, situated in Ghora Gali.
  • Cadet College, located in Hasan Abdal.
  • Sadiq Public School, in Bahawalpur.
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary, based in Lahore.
  • Lahore Grammar School 55 Main, Lahore branch.
  • Pakistan Air Force College, in Sargodha.
  • Karachi Grammar School, situated in Karachi.
  • Lahore Grammar School JT Boys, based in Lahore.
  • Aitchison College, in Lahore.


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