Supreme Court Acquits Nadim Hussain in Suicide Blasts Case

Islamabad (11th July, 2019): Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan acquits Nadim Hussain, a life convict, in suicide blasts case on grounds  of ‘benefit of doubt’. 

According to Baaghi TV’s reports, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Asif Saeed Khosa, stated that it is regretful as to why the subordinate courts failed to see things accordingly. He continued to say:

“Punishment was awarded only due to the reason that such huge blast took place. High Court is such a big court but it has also not seen evidence”.

Lawyers had confirmed that three people were killed and eighteen were injured in two suicide blasts that occurred outside Pakistan’s Naval War College, Lahore in 2008. According to sources, CJ Khosa had remarked, that while “two blasts occurred but there were no evidence on this count.” He continued to say that the sole evidence is the blast itself.

Moreover, CJP continued to state that provided evidence makes it seem like the accused, Nadim Hussain, who was owner of a shop has been dragged into the case. He stated:

“You have no credible evidence against the accused. You are saying the accused was owner of a shop where two  unknown persons were provided suicide jackets.  If we accept all evidences then it seems as if the shop of the accused was used when he was not present therein”. 
The court has thereby acquitted the accused from the case, as confirmed by sources.


Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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