Blaming Pakistan is a double fiction game

The main goal of the present government of Afghanistan and the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is to create instability in Pakistan, destroy our peace, and tarnish Pakistan’s image in the world.

India is financing terrorists using government resources through Ashraf Ghani’s government, Ashraf Ghani is not taking care of his house, and he seems to be losing power, which is why the Afghan president has made baseless and false allegations’ series has started.

Ashraf Ghani’s power is diminishing every day, the Taliban has taken control of a large part of the country. Not only Ashraf Ghani is grieving the loss of power, but at the same time, the current government of Afghanistan is exposing its contacts and relations with the Indian government.

The world is aware that India is causing instability in Pakistan through Afghanistan. A few weeks ago, Rs 3 billion was recovered from the compound of an NDS colonel. Indian consulates have become havens for terrorists. Afghan soil is being used for sponsoring and financing terrorists. Ashraf Ghani is blaming Pakistan instead of correcting his own affairs. In this way, they will not be able to hide their failure, nor will their power be spared, nor will they be able to deceive the world.

In recent times, while addressing the Central and South Asian Coordination Conference, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani accused Pakistan of entering with 10,000 fighters from Pakistan. If there is no dialogue, we will fight the Taliban. This is the last chance for peace. This statement of Ashraf Ghani is the thought of a defeated person.

The world knows Pakistan is playing a role for lasting peace in the region, Pakistan has made immense sacrifices to establish peace in the world. Pakistan has sacrificed more than 70,000 precious lives, has suffered trillions of dollars in financial losses, a whole generation has fallen victim to terrorism. Pakistan’s role in establishing peace in Afghanistan is not hidden from anyone. International bodies should remember, if the Taliban has come to the negotiating table, then Pakistan has a big part in this dialogue.

The United States, the current government of Afghanistan, and India want to push the people of Afghanistan, who have been fighting for decades, into a new war by blocking popular leadership in Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has strongly reacted to the statement of the Afghan President and said that the allegation made by Ashraf Ghani against Pakistan is completely baseless. It is grossly unfair to blame Pakistan for the situation in Afghanistan. Pakistan has made the greatest efforts and sacrifices for peace in Afghanistan. On the other hand, the Indian journalist also asked the Prime Minister a sarcastic question regarding peace and terrorism. The Prime Minister also gave him such an answer that Narendra Modi will remember him for years.
The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that they have been asking India to be like a civilized neighbor for a long time but what to do? The ideology of RSS is an obstacle in the way. Ashraf Ghani’s statement and the question of an Indian journalist are two sides of the same coin.
DG ISI Lt. Gen. Faiz Hameed also denied the allegations made by the Afghan president against Pakistan, saying, “The allegations against Pakistan are not true there is no incursion by Pakistan. In fact, there is incursion by Afghanistan. Pakistan is not supporting any faction in Afghanistan. Pakistan wants peace. A peaceful and stable Afghanistan is in the interest of Pakistan and other countries”.

This game is no longer hidden from anyone. Peace in the world is not only Pakistan’s responsibility. Pakistan has played a positive role in bringing peace to the region through dialogue with the Taliban, but India’s intentions in the region are being undermined by the rise of the Taliban, the dummy government in Afghanistan will come to an end. India’s influence is diminishing day by day, and Warmongering India is dreaming of establishing supremacy by pushing Pakistan against the wall with the force of arms and conspiracies.

Withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, growing Taliban power there has shattered this dream of Narendra Modi. The Investment seems to be going in vain, with the Taliban leadership refusing to be part of any conspiracy against Pakistan and agreeing to move the peace process forward in the region. In these circumstances, Ashraf Ghani has no choice but to make accusations. India is creating new problems instead of solving the existing ones.

Evidence of sponsorship and financing of terrorists is before the world. On the one hand, Pakistan is a peace-loving country, on the other hand, it has expansionist ambitions and India is the patron of terrorists.

Ashraf Ghani is working to make the Taliban’s peace-loving efforts controversial at the behest of India. While Pakistan firmly believes that there is no military solution to the Afghan conflict, Peace in Afghanistan can only be achieved through political dialogue. It is a fact for time being, Opposition forces to the Afghan Peace Conference have temporarily succeeded. But, now on all countries need to keep an eye on their surroundings and be more active than ever because the United States has started a new game.

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