Blue-eyed officers promoted in OGRA

Islamabad, 1st July: As many as five high-ranked blue-eyed officers of OGRA were promoted to senior executive director’s post just before the NAB arrests. Uzma Adil, the Chairperson of OGRA has issued directives regarding promotion of blue-eyed officers to next grade before the NAB action. The inner sources stated that chairperson had earlier selected five officers and promoted them on the position of senior executive directors.

These illegitimate promotions have created great unrest and concern among the other officers of OGRA as currently number of officers was on promotion waiting list. The inner sources stated that those who were promoted in next rank were already facing corruption allegations and other wrongdoings. One Anwar Ali Sheikh who got promoted to next rank was facing corruption allegation. He had allegedly done wrong allotments in plots. The other who is given promotions included Moazzam Ch, Shahzad Iqbal, Zain ul Abidin Qureshi, Sarmad Iqbal.

The sources further disclosed that these officers have been given promotions because they are considered blue-eyed officers of OGRA members and Chairperson. However, OGRA spokesperson has rejected all speculations and made it clear that all promotions have been done under due rule and procedure. It was worth mentioned here that the close relative high ranked office of chairperson, Imran Ghaznavi had also served in many positions and took heavy salary. However, he wasn’t promoted and has been placed on waiting list.

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