Bodies of COVID-19 patients found floating in India’s Ganges River

Lahore, 10th May: Bodies of suspected COVID-19 patients have been found floating in River Ganges in India.

According to reports, several bodies of people who had died from coronavirus have been found decomposed at River Ganges in India’s Bihar district on Monday.

Upon hearing the news, the officials in Chausa block of Buxar, which borders Uttar Pradesh, rushed to the sight and were shocked to see what lied in front of their eyes.

Chausa BDO Ashok Kumar told PTI over the phone that they were alerted by the local guard about the incident that many bodies have been seen floating from upstream.

He also informed that so far they have been successful in recovering 15 bodies, however, none of the dead people belongs to the district.

Local Chowkidar added that many residents from Uttar Pradesh districts live across the river, hence, their bodies may have been dumped in River Ganges for unknown reasons.

He also said that they were unable to confirm whether the deceased were coronavirus patients. The bodies, he reported have started to decompose and they are making sure that the dead bodies are disposed off in a decent manner.

Meanwhile, some news channels in India claim that the number of dead bodies is as high as 50 to 100. They also claim that the authorities have left them in the river in order to save themselves to perform their last rites.

According to reports, cremation or burial of those who are dying of coronavirus is not possible under such dire circumstances, hence, the bodies are dumped in the Ganges River. 

However, it has also come under notice that the district administration has denied the news of such an unfortunate incident involving residents of Buxar.

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