Bol News gets suspended


Lahore, 22nd January: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has suspended the license of a private TV channel.

According to a Baaghi TV report, PEMRA has suspended the TV license of Pakistan’s local Bol News Channel.

According to reports, a talk show on Bol News against the judiciary prompted PEMRA to take such a step. Hence, it suspended the license of Bol News for 30 days.

Sharing the notification, PEMRA also announced the same on its Twitter handle:

During the show on Bol News, the host Sami Ibrahim and senior reporter Mian Dawood discussed the appointment and procedure of judges in the judiciary and commented on the superfluous judges.

Both of them criticized the judges and violated Article 19 and Article 68 of the Constitution of Pakistan and PEMRA under Law 2015. 

Following the violations of the notification sent by PEMRA, the channel got suspended for 30 days.

As per reports, PEMRA had sent a prior notice to the channel and asked for an apology and explanation but after seven days when no reply was received, PEMRA had to take this step.

PEMRA authorities have also imposed a fine of Rs. 1 million to the channel for not responding to the show cause notice issued on January 12.

This decision will take effect immediately from the 22nd of January and all cable operators have been notified.

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