Breaking News: Court announces verdict on Motorway rape case

Baaghi TV (05:26 PM PKT): The decision of the motorway abuse case was announced by the court.

Anti-terrorism court judge announces verdict on motorway case, court sentences death upon the two accused Abid Malhi and Shafqat Bagga. 

The prosecution team argued that there was solid evidence against the accused, the accused’s DNA was matched at the scene and arrested. The prosecution also said in its arguments that the accused Shafqat Ali pleaded guilty before the magistrate. Abid Malhi was identified by the victim before a magistrate.

The prosecution requested the court that the accused committed a serious crime and should be punished according to the law in the light of the evidence. Ali alias Baaga was identified 22 days after the parade’s arrest. Qasim Arain Advocate further argued that the statement of accused Shafqat under Section 164 of the Criminal Code was made with a delay of one month and 18 days. The accused Shafqat Ali was made to confess under duress. Accused Shafqat Ali was not given the right of fair trial to record his statement under section 164 of the Criminal Code. The investigating officer of the case was also present in the court while recording his confession.

Accused Shafqat Ali’s lawyer argued that under the law, there should be no pressure on the accused to record his statement before a judicial magistrate. Qasim Arain Advocate said that the identification of the accused was done with a delay of 22 days. The law allows the identification of the accused to be completed in one week. The victim was brought inside the jail who had seen the accused before. The accused’s lawyer argued that during the identification parade in the jail, the victim was brought inside the jail by the same official who had seen the accused before, anti-terrorism. The record of the identity parade sent to the court was not sealed. Giving arguments, the defense counsel said that the age of accused Abid Malhi was written in the documents as 35 years while the real age of the accused is 20 years.

It should be noted that a very tragic incident of gang rape of a woman on the motorway took place in Gujjarpura area of ​​Lahore. Two men smashed a car window on the motorway and pulled the woman and her children out, then took them to nearby bushes and allegedly raped the woman in front of the children.

A woman was on her way to Gujranwala from Lahore. She was waiting for her husband after stopping her car on the motorway due to running out of petrol. The woman first called a relative, who then told the motorway police. 

On the Motorway Helpline, the woman received a reply that no one had been allotted the Gujjarpura belt and no motorway police had come. Before the arrival of the relatives, two persons raped the woman. The accused also took Rs 100,000 in cash, gold jewelery and ATM card from the woman.

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