Breaking News: Death sentence announced for Donald Trump and MBS

1st October 2020: A court has issued orders of the death sentence of US President Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

According to reports, a Yemeni criminal court has sentenced US President Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman to death.

According to the foreign news agency, Donald Trump, Mohammed bin Salman, US Secretary of War and fugitive Yemeni President Abdul Rabbo Mansour Hadi were sentenced to death by the Yemeni criminal court for their involvement in the attack on a bus full of students in Yemen in 2018.

The court said that every effort would be made to bring Donald Trump and Mohammed bin Salman to the gallows. The court also said that the reduction of the sentence was unthinkable.

According to the ruling issued in the session presided over by the court Chief Judge Riyadh al-Ruzami, the convicts are obliged to pay a fine of 10 billion dollars to the families of the victims

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