Breaking News: Fire at Liberty Market

Lahore, 6th November: A fire has broken out in the Liberty Market, Lahore.

According to a Baaghi TV report, a fire broke out in Lahore’s Liberty Market.

The fire is so intense that it has started engulfing other shops as well. Rescue teams have arrived at the fire plaza for rescue operations.

The fire broke out due to short-circuiting in a building, next to famous juice/chaat shop near Singh Brothers and HBL branch.

No serious damage has been reported so far. Reportedly, the rescue teams arrived immediately within 10-15 mins. Relief activities are ongoing.

People have started sharing videos of the fire on social media:

It should be noted that a few days ago, a fire broke out in Hafeez Center, Pakistan’s largest electronics market near Liberty, which burnt down several shops.

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