Bring an end to Sexual Harassment in Pakistan

Lahore, 29th June: There are countless stories being brought up and shared on powerful and influencing social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook where people are raising their voice against sexual harassment.

Many people shared their first-hand experiences of not only being harassed by teachers in Lahore’s most well known and renowned schools such as LGS, but also by peers and seniors.

Since forever, the Pakistani society turned a blind eye to these ongoing problems not because they didn’t care, but because they always sided with and defended the harasser while slut-shaming the victim, blaming it on the girls ‘tempting’ men.

LGS teachers exposed for sexually harassing female students

The problem here does not lie within the girls, because they go through immense trauma after the incident, most of the victims explain how they felt helpless and depressed; some even tried to commit suicide.

The limit has finally been reached, we cannot repeat our mistakes and let these harassers move freely in our society, making more girls vulnerable to their disgraceful actions.

Strict measures should be taken, these harassers should be punished and sent behind bars to set an example for all others hiding. This issue can no longer be taken lightly.

LGS Sexual Harassment: Former Head Girl comes forward with testimony

Now that it has been brought up on social media, numerous girls feel scared and in order to let these girls; who will be the future of Pakistan grow up in a safe environment, serious measures NEED to be taken.

For centuries girls have stayed quiet and suffered because of it, now that they are finally speaking up and asking for nothing more than their basic rights, it would be a shame on our society to deny them what is rightfully theirs.

The brave girls have taken the leap and publically addressed this situation, and have the support of millions, which shows how powerful media is.

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The society acts as a barrier when it comes to improving the lives of girls and women living in Pakistan. It is 10 times harder for girls to do anything they like freely as compared to boys, and it has been this way for many years.

Girls feel constantly threatened by men around, worrying when they’ll make the next move, this is a very toxic lifestyle and immediately needs to be changed.

Authorities are deemed to finally look into this matter and change the way society operates, it is high time they do so!

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