Britain stops welfare funding to Pakistan, imposes sanctions


 Lahore, 3rd May: The United Kingdom will impose restrictions on remittances to Pakistan.

According to reports, after restrictions from the UK, welfare funds have stopped.

Remittances from the United Kingdom to Pakistan are 1.7 billion a month.

The spokesman from the State bank of Pakistan (SBP) said, “We are not on the gray list. The sanctions are wrong. Bank-to-bank remittances are still going on. Pakistan is included in the list of high-risk countries.”

He added, “Pakistan is ranked 15th in the list of countries suffering from conflict and terrorism, according to which Pakistan is accused of a weak tax system, terrorism and money laundering.”

Due to the list of high-risk countries, sanctions have also been imposed this month, under which British Pakistani institutions and individuals will not be able to send remittances from the UK to any Pakistani mosque, madrassa, hospital or welfare institution.

They have been warned that they will not be able to send remittances for any welfare activities otherwise their bank accounts will be closed.

Sources said that the bank accounts of British Pakistani institutions sending remittances to Pakistan are being closed without giving any reason. In such a situation it would be difficult to open an account elsewhere.

SBP spokesman Abid Qamar said in a statement that Pakistan is still not on the gray list. The UK’s sanctions contradict the facts and should be reconsidered.

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