Britain’s new PM first email hacked.

The first email of newly installed Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, got hacked on Thursday in which he vowed not to delay the process of Brexit, sources told Baaghitv.

Baaghitv has learnt, the newly elected Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Boris Johnson’s first email to his friend got hacked in which he has talked to his friend, vowing not to delay the delivery of Brexit, which if delayed,  will pave the way for Jeremy Corbyn, leader of rival Labour Part, assuming the charge of PM of United Kingdom.

The hacked email further read, the time for change has come and it is the high-time we lead the country out of European Union (EU) for the prosperity and bright future of the country. After leaving the bloc on October 31, 2019, we’ll spend all the resources and energy on the uplifting of British people only.

By addressing his friend, he has asked him to join Conservative party at the earliest so that Jeremy Corbyn advances to Ten Downing Street office be halted.

He has shared his policies in the email, which treads the plan for spending 20 billion pounds on National Health Services which includes building new hospitals and providing job opportunities for Britain’s youth and accommodation. He has promised to rid the country of crimes, which only he could do not the Jeremy Corbyn.

He further said, Jeremy Corbyn has no plan of steering country out of the current crisis, the Brexit saga, caused by not implementing divorce deal by Theresa May’s government with European Union, which is disastrous for the country as the chaos created by the situation is halting investors from investing in the United Kingdom.



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