British-Asian band V2 to launch its band in the UK on Independence Day

On the occasion of the 73rd Independence Day of Pakistan, the British Asian Band V2 UK has announced to launch its own band on 14 August 2020.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, where Pakistanis around the world and other people are celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day. Especially Pakistanis living abroad who have been receiving one unfortunate news after another since the onset of the epidemic. The good news for all of them is that on August 14, the British Asian band V2 is launching its band from the UK.

In this band, he will promote Pakistani pop and rock music all over the world. Director and actor Faraz Ahmed is back in music, with the band as the lead singer and guitarist. The rest of the band members Farrukh Khan, Cedric, Franco are very professional in their field.

He told Rebel TV that he was launching his own band, V2, for music fans. The British Asian band will promote rock and pop music for the first time in the UK and Europe.

The band members will include Faraz Ahmed as lead singer and guitarist, Farrukh Khan as keyboardist, Francisco as base guitarist and Cedric Almeida as drummer. Faraz Ahmed will be the producer and director of the band.

Singer Faraz Ahmed said that he has launched this band on the occasion of 14th August especially because we want to promote Pakistani music as much as possible. Pakistani band Madness and Vital Signs and Other Pakistani bands are as popular in the UK and Europe as they are in Pakistan but the music is not promoted here while we want to promote such music because we also have a band that does soft-handed pop music and we will also release songs made by us.

Faraz Ahmed said, “Promote this band. We will go to UK, USA and Europe. In addition, Canada has also launched this band.”

Farrukh Khan, a member of the band, said that Pakistani bands and music are very popular here but unfortunately it is not promoted here but now our V2 band will promote Pakistani songs. We will launch this band on Pakistan’s Independence Day.

Guitarist Francisco says V2 Band is a rockstar band through which we will promote Pakistani music. Pakistani songs are very touching, so we promote Pakistani songs through V2 Band for which we, The V2, band will launch on August 14th.

Meanwhile, drummer Cedric Almeida also expressed his enthusiasm for the band and said that he has been performing his services as a drummer for 53 years but he is very excited to be a part of V2 band.

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