British F-35 fighter jet crashes while flying off aircraft carrier

A British F-35 aircraft which was one of the newest stealth fighter jets in the UK military, crashed into the Mediterranean Sea while operating off the aircraft carrier called the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

According to the ministry, the pilot had ejected on time and was returned safely to the ship, and a thorough investigation of the incident, which occurred during routine flight operations, has begun,
The aircraft cost about $115 million to build.
The first combat action for a UK aircraft carrier occurred In June, F-35s operating off the Queen Elizabeth flew combat missions over the Middle East against ISIS.
According to Ben Wallace, British Defense Secretary “The ability to take flight from the sea with the most advanced fighter jets ever created marks a significant moment in our history, offering reassurance to our allies and demonstrating the UK’s formidable air power to our adversaries,”.
British F-35s was first employed i combat in 2019, flying strikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria from a Royal Air Force base on the island of Cyprus.
Both the US and Japan have lost their  F-35s owing to accidents.
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