Overseas Pakistanis are happy to be included in the democratic system: Prime Minister

Overseas Pakistanis are happy to be included in the democratic system, according to a report by Prime Minister Baaghi TV.

A digital portal has been launched for the convenience of overseas Pakistanis. The power of attorney general can be verified through the digital portal. Personal presence is not required. The digital portal will be linked to NADRA’s database. Is

Addressing the function, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the country was running because of hard working Pakistanis. Obtaining power of attorney was a big problem for Pakistanis abroad. Overseas Pakistanis were facing a lot of difficulties. Overseas Pakistanis support us, Overseas Pakistanis are our biggest asset, whenever Overseas Pakistanis try to do business they lose, it is very difficult for Overseas Pakistanis to work here, unfortunately Overseas in our country Plots of Pakistanis are seized, whenever difficult times come, Overseas Pakistanis have given full support Overseas Pakistanis have been included in Pakistan’s politics and democracy, 9 million Overseas Pakistanis have been given the right to vote, after getting the right to vote every Government will value overseas Pakistanis, happy to include overseas Pakistanis in democratic system, beneficiaries of old systemNot wanting to change, inside the utility stores we talked about automation for checks and balances,

Earlier, a meeting of the Standing Committee on Law and Justice of the National Assembly was held under the chairmanship of Chairman Riaz Fatyana. There are challenges in use. In general elections, before using EVM, one has to go through 14 stages. How many machines will there be in a polling station? Figure out is yet to be done. How to use EVM machine where there is no internet? The people of Balochistan hardly cast their votes. Akram Durrani said that he would divide his constituency into two parts, to which the Secretary Election Commission said that he could not answer your questions.

Earlier, Punjab government spokesman Hassan Khawar said that the opposition was afraid of electronic voting. Overseas Pakistanis will exercise their right to vote.

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