BTS Jungkook resigns as director of Six6uys

BTS Jungkook resigns as director of Six6uys

Jungkook, a member of the globally popular band BTS, has resigned as the internal director of his brother’s clothing brand Six6uys after being accused of false advertising. 

According to reports, Jeon Junghyun, Jungkook’s brother founded the company just a few months ago on May 21, according to the company’s register. The brand aims at selling accessories as well, along with clothing.

Earlier this month, in September, Six6uys launched a subsidiary named Graffiti on Mind, which has prices ranging from about $101 to $258. The brand’s themes revolve around rebellion and art. Frequently, the Jungkook, without telling that he was the brand’s director, has been seen wearing its clothes on Twitter, which led fans to believe he was partaking in false advertising – indirectly endorsing a product while not explicitly stating that that’s what he is doing.

Due to this issue, the singer resigned from his position as director. HYBE, the company under which BTS operates, has not made any comment.

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