BTS teams up with UNICEF to raise millions for ‘Love Myself’ campaign

Oct 6, 2021: The Love Myself campaign saw a collaboration of BTS with UNICEF to raise millions of dollars and is aimed at fighting violence, abuse, bullying and promoting self esteem in young people.

K-pop superstars BTS has raised $3.6 million and millions of tweets after they teamed up with the United Nations Children’s Fund for four years to create awareness about children and their fight against violence, abuse, bullying, and boosting youth confidence.

The Love My Self campaign urges people to “choose kindness” through social media hashtags, commercial goods, the South Korean band’s 2018-2019 Love My Self World Tour and the 2019 video for the children’s agency, including UNICEF led by the slogan “Love My self” was even used in 2017 on musicians’ hometowns.

BTS said it hoped to keep the campaign going “so we can help people find happiness and love”.

UNICEF had booths at BTS concerts, and the band members filmed a music video at the UN headquarters and repeatedly spoke there, most recently during the General Assembly’s annual gathering of world leaders last month. When the coronavirus pandemic forced last year’s meeting to be held almost entirely virtually, BTS members spoke by video about how they dealt with the isolation and frustration brought on by pandemic shutdowns.

The band launched the Love My self campaign to improve the lives of other young people but tried to live by its principles, BTS said in a statement for Wednesday’s announcement.

“We as a team and as individuals grew, as well,” the seven-member band said. “We hope that many people felt how the love received from others can become the power that allows them to love themselves.”

‘Permission to Dance’, a BTS music video filmed at the UN headquarters and released last month, counts over 27 million views on the UN’s YouTube channel, which has about 2 million subscribers. UNICEF says the Love Myself initiative spurred nearly 5 million tweets and over 50 million likes, retweets, replies and comments.

The money raised will go toward UNICEF’s work to halt violence.

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