Budget 2021-22 Dashed the Hopes of a Digital Pakistan


According to reports, while economists have termed the budget as a very good budget, experts say that this budget have shattered the dream of Digital Pakistan.

Additional taxes on SMS, calls and internet data on consumers have eroded the vision of Digital Pakistan.

According to the statistics, Pakistan is already ranked 128th in the world and second in South Asia for internet.

It is also being said that Pakistani consumers are already paying holding tax and other indirect taxes (the highest tax in the world for telecom and internet).

After the budget announcement, It is being questioned that why should a poor Pakistani pay tax on 3 minutes of call, SMS and internet?

Some experts say that if Rs 5 is charged for 1 FB data then the average child uses 25 GB for online calls every month, why this tax on poor children?

In addition, online business and e-commerce startups will face these taxes.

There is also a point being raised that people who work in the cities when they share their grief with their families in their villages, then they will be very upset.

It is also being claimed that FIR tax will be applied on Corona SMS as well.

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