CAA issues a forged list of pilots possessing fake licenses

ISLAMABAD: A number of significant errors have come to light in the list of pilots’ possessing fake licenses which was confirmed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

According to details, several serious errors have been pointed out in the list issued by the CAA. The Civil Aviation Authority has suspended the licenses of 34 PIA pilots and launched an investigation against them. The suspended pilots are accused of using incorrect means in the written test while obtaining their licenses.

Similarly, this list includes the name of a PIA pilot who has an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) obtained from the United States (US) and has not passed any examination of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. However, he has been accused of cheating and copying two of the eight written papers. Moreover, the list also includes the names of two pilots who were not on flight duty on the day of the test but were on standby. According to aviation sources, no CAA law prohibits a standby pilot from taking a written test.

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So far, the names of 20 of the 34 suspended pilots have come to light who were accused of giving papers and doing their flight duty on the same day. According to the records, these 20 pilots took a written test on their return from flight duty, or went on a flight after passing the test. According to aviation sources, no CAA law prohibits flight duty on paper day.

It is to be noted that earlier, the Ministry of Aviation and Civil Aviation Authority revealed a list of suspicious licenses, including names of retired pilots, dead pilots and pilots who were never a part of the national airline. Federal Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, has said that after a forensic inquiry of one year and four months, the degrees of 262 pilots were declared suspicious.

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According to the minister, the forensic inquiry revealed that 121 of the pilots got their licences by cheating in one exam paper; 39 in 2 exam papers; 21 in 3 exam papers; 15 in 4 exam papers; 11 in 5 exam papers; 11 in 6 exam papers, 10 in 7 exam papers and 34 pilots in 8 exam papers.

Suspicious license has become a big problem not only for PIA but for all airlines as it is becoming a cause of degradation of the country. The government has decided to take strict action against all pilots who have been flying commercial jets without a licence.

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