CAA is Responsible for Pilots with Fake Degrees

Palwasha Khan weighs in

According to a Baaghi TV report, PPP leader Palwasha Khan has said that pilots with fake degrees should be punished and Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar should also show his degree.

Palwasha Khan said that Ghulam Sarwar Khan was attending hearings of a Punjab Technical Board fake diploma case for seven years and now he is testing the degrees of other people. The degree of the man who is accusing the pilots fo having fake degrees was itself challenged in court. No political party can hire pilots with fake degrees.

Palwasha Khan further said that if a pilot has been hired with a fake degree it is the fault of the CAA. The pilots themselves took the issue of their degrees to court, where this case is being heard. Imran Khan is plotting to sell the PIA to his friends.

She said that if merit came under consideration in PTI, then half the cabinet including the Prime Minister would be out of a job. This is a new way of attacking your own institutions and firing people in them. After the steel mill there is now a plot to fire people from PIA. The government should not in its enmity for the opposition parties cross the limit where the country gets humiliated. Ghulam Sarwar Khan is killing the trust in PIA that passengers have by talking about the fake degrees of pilots.

Palwasha Khan further asked that if there is any ban on PIA because of the fake degree issue, who will be responsible? The whole world’s media is humiliating us over the fake degree issue and the government is busy in political point scoring. It is not the job of political parties to hire pilots. It is the job of the HR departments of the airlines. PTI is humiliating the country in the name of political opposition. The government is presenting a negative image of the country by talking about the fake degree issue.

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