CAA negligence causing loss of millions

Mubasher Lucman reveals the incompetency of Civil Aviation Authority

Lahore, 26th June: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan is registering its tales of incompetence and corruption on the highest levels.

Pakistan’s renowned anchor Mubasher Lucman revealed the incompetency of CAA in his video and stated that it is becoming so difficult for anyone to cover the stories of corruption by anyone and everyone associated with the Civil Aviation Authority.


Even the parliamentarians have come to know about this fact that 350 licenses of the pilots flying PIA planes have fake licenses.

Guess who is issuing the license and who is going to verify the authenticity of these licenses, it’s none other than Civil Aviation authority?

Many flights have been crashed due to the incompetence of pilots and CAA staff resulting in loss of precious lives and properties, but it has never been a concern and no concrete efforts are made to curb this menace.

CAA; the leading cause of deteriorating aviation in Pakistan

Lucman points out that history is filled with special inquiry boards formed and none of the culprits have been taken to the task that is the reason why corruption is uncontrollable in this department.

New Islamabad airport is another evidence of the broad-based corruption in billions. The previous governments have been blaming each other.

Khurshed Shah the opposition leader in Nawaz government tenure accused them of 1 billion Rs corruption in relation to the development work at this world-class international airport project.

The project cost increased more the 63 billion Rs from the budgeted cost and no action was taken against the culprits.

Criminal pilots involved in the downfall of PIA

Whenever there is rain or thunderstorm this airport stands open evidence of corruption and incompetence as the windows and glasses are shattered, the cargo and passenger halls are filled with water.

Mubasher Lucman added that we were lucky this time due to COVID many flights were canceled and the airport was empty so no life was lost otherwise the passenger transferring tunnels were shattered, the first floor was flooded and ceiling glasses were broken, runways were giving a look of Rawal lake.

All this in the capital city right under the nose of all important persons and no action will ever be taken to rectify the problem.

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PIA decides to ground all pilots with suspected licenses

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