CAA orders to reduce International and domestic flights operations

Lahore, 2nd May: Authorities have issued a directive to reduce international flights amid a surge in coronavirus cases in the country.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued orders to reduce the number of international flights coming to and fro from Pakistan after an increasing number of COVID cases.

The instructions issued by PCAA say that Qatar Airways will now reduce its flights from 56 per week to 11 only and to operate 8 flights of Gulf Air as compared to 35 flights previously in a week.

Furthermore, Turkish Air is allowed to operate 3 flights in a week as compared to 21 previously, while Turk Airlines and Pegasus Airline will operate only one flight a week contrary to 4 flights previously.

According to reports, CAA has reduced international flight operations to 20% bringing down 590 flights in a week to 123 flights after an increase in coronavirus cases in Pakistan.

The aviation authority said, “The fresh frequency for the international airlines will remain applicable from May 05 to May 20.”

Similarly, domestic flights have also been curtailed in the country in order to control the spread of the pandemic.

As per the directive from NCOC, domestic flight operation has been reduced to 40%, where the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will operate 29 flights to Karachi, 55 to Lahore, 76 to Islamabad, and 41 to Peshawar.

However, PIA will not operate flights to Quetta and Faisalabad and will continue to operate 11 flights to Sialkot, 17 to Multan and 4 to Turbat.

According to directions, Air Blue is allowed to operate one flight to Karachi, 15 to Lahore, 19 to Islamabad, and 10 to Peshawar while flights to Quetta, Faisalabad, Sialkot and Turbat have been restricted.

CAA ordered Serene Air to suspend its flights from Karachi and to operate 10 flights each for Lahore and Islamabad.

Civil Aviation Authority has directed that the following schedule will remain applicable for two weeks.

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