CAA reluctant to take action against PIA pilots with ‘dubious’ licenses

Islamabad: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has not yet provided the list of pilots having fake and dubious licensing to the airlines.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, the aviation minister revealed on June 24 that the licenses of 262 out of 860 pilots in Pakistan are allegedly fake.

However, around 150 pilots carrying fake licenses are working in Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) alone and the rest are working in other airlines. PIA has requested the CAA to identify the names of 150 pilots with fake degrees so that they take strict action against them.

According to a PIA spokesman, the national carrier will temporarily suspend the flight operations but not allow the pilots to fly unless their licenses are verified.

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However, no other airline have yet made such an announcement.

According to the sources, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PIA, Air Marshal Arshad Malik has twice sent letters to the Secretary CAA requesting the names of pilots with fake degrees. However, the civil aviation has not yet provided any information.

In early 2019, the national carrier discovered suspicious licenses and informed the civil aviation regarding it, after which the Ministry of Aviation launched an inquiry. In the inquiry, PIA identified 17 pilots having dubious licenses and all of them were grounded and reported to the CAA.

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All 17 pilots have been on the ground for a year and a half, but their investigations have not yet been received by the PIA, according to the PIA spokesman. Neither PIA nor other airlines could revoke the license of the authorized body, he further said.

Suspicious license has become a big problem not only for PIA but for all airlines as it is becoming a cause of degradation of the country. The civil aviation should start working efficiently and provide the list of pilots with fake degrees to the airlines so that strict action can be taken against them.

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Baaghi TV has learnt that the CAA tests the potential pilots by questioning them about human anatomy, which further raises questions as to the connection between flying and anatomy. What could a pilot possibly have to do with such knowledge? Do we expect our pilots to diagnose and/or operate while in the air?

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