CAA revisits policy regarding night flying operations

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan has decided to revisit the policy regarding the night flying operations on single engine aeroplanes.

According to the details, the Pakistan CAA has released an official notification permitting single engine aeroplanes to fly at night on some specific conditions. The Civil Aviation Authority took this decision as ‘some operators acquired newer aeroplanes that are duly certified by the OEM for day and night VFR/IFR operations.’

Some of the conditions set by Pakistan’s CAA for night flying on single engine aeroplane are as follows:

  • Aircraft should be typed ceifield.
  • Induction inspection should qualify the likely operators recommended by OEM with respect to the instrumentation.
  • No Single Pilot Night operation is under taken.
  • All operators must ammend their operations manual and include training needs in Part D of operations manual.

It is to be noted that earlier the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan had discontinued the night flying operations on single engine aeroplanes due to lack of instrumentation required for night safe operations.

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