Can PALPA deny these facts?

The highest paid but the least concerned – Using COVID-19 to bargain sweeter deals – Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PALPA) at its best

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) pilots stopped flight operations on the call of Pakistan Air Line Pilots’ Association (PALPA) due to coronavirus.

PIA pilots are assured every safety according to the International Standards of Safety against coronavirus, however, they refuse to fly amid worst crisis of our country.

It is pivotal to note, that Baaghi TV is the first to highlight the ongoing battle of wits between PALPA, PIA and the government of Pakistan. We received many comments on our news article from PIA employees abrogating and nullifying it. It is to be noted that every piece presented on Baaghi TV’s web portal is filtered in-depth with the intent to consider fundamental grounds.

COVID-19: ‘Baaghi’ PIA pilots putting lives at risk

Here are some more facts! Can these be denied?

The recent spite and saber-rattling adorning national television and news networks across the country since yesterday between PIA management and PALPA is nothing short of the flabbergasting and vile negotiation tactics that beguile the nation state of Pakistan.

This is a true reflection of the dirty politics that thrives on building false narratives and getting away with blue murder in broad daylight. They do not wish or desire to speak to the management but the government.

PALPA: Anti-state, bloodsucking union

Their demands includes meeting the Prime Minister and they even aired their grievances with the ministers instead of the management.

It is nothing but an indication of luring political parties into the equation and dragging the narrative experts to exploit and use the incident as a means to be-fool the nation.

About 500 pilots are employed in PIA service supported by another 200 odd Flight Operations personnel; they constitute 6% of the PIA workforce while in comparison 23% of the entire payroll of the company is reserved for them.

Their average salary stands at about half a million a month, and when this is compared with the Engineers or Technical personnel, the latter earns a meager PKR 130,000 per employee per month against a total strength of 3,349.

All you need to know about PALPA

Over four times the salary paid to Engineers and five to six times when compared to other front-line employees.

Nobody else including the cabin crew and the ground staff are crying wolf; nor are complaining about the tough conditions they being asked to work in but our very own special pilots. They have successfully in a single bound compromised and completely jeopardized the attempt of the government and management to rescue the stranded Pakistanis abroad.

Their demands for no reduction in salary, no reduction in the guaranteed flying hours, insistence on avoiding quarantine upon return, insisting not to travel in military aircraft for either deployment or transit back home and asking for five star hotels being converted as quarantines specifically for them is nothing short of ludicrous, ungentlemanly and conduct unbecoming a patriotic Pakistani.

Over 1,000 stranded Pakistanis airlifted since partial resumption of Int’l flights

In this time of rising to the occasion, the pilots have resorted to extortion bringing shame to the global pilot fraternity and even former PIA pilots who are operating rescue flights for foreign airlines like Nepal Airlines.

It would seem, that the spin doctors of sorts amongst their own ranks have pushed their greed to callous behavior and the government should enforce the application of the Essential Services Act, those unwilling should simply be terminated from service.

However, the bold and brave souls among these sly hawks who continue to perform duty in the most of adverse of circumstances must be commended and applauded.

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