Can protection of the oceans end global food supply and biodiversity crisis?

The oceans cover 70% of the world's land area, and now a detailed map of the world's protected oceans reveals that protecting them could not only solve climate change problems but also put an end to the crisis of global food supply and biodiversity.

A recent research suggests that strictly protecting seas can lead to a steady supply of healthy food, along with survival of habitat and marine life, and perhaps a natural solution for climate change can be discovered. 

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According to a report published in the weekly scientific journal Nature, experts have identified special places in the oceans. If they are closely monitored and protected, 80% of marine life will be protected. The number of fishing trips will increase by 8 million metric tons whereas, stopping sea floor trawling will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to one billion tons because this method of fishing on the sea floor is very dangerous.

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That is why the trawling process is not only destructive to marine life but also releases millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the oceans each year. Professor Enrique Sella, a key member of the study, says only 7% of the world’s oceans are currently protected. He called on all countries to provide full protection to 30 per cent of the oceans by 2030 and said that it would bring immense benefits.

In his research, he said that with the help of marine data and algorithms, this work is possible globally and all participants must sit at a table because the protection of the oceans can provide countless benefits to humans in all conditions. By protecting the areas through protection and strict surveillance, three times the benefits can be reaped.

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International experts have played a key role in this study, which can be described as a whole project (framework) rather than just a map, emphasizing strict monitoring and protection of one-third of the maritime areas Has excellent restorative properties.

These areas are called MPAs or Marine Protected Areas where many benefits can be reaped by banning fishing. In this way, the whole environment and habitat is gradually restored. On the other hand, the report has described the trawling of the sea floor as extremely destructive.

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