Car Mafia Must be Held Accountable for Playing with Innocent Lives

Suzuki. Toyota. Honda. All big names in the car industry and definitely preferred brands in Pakistan yet, they have never been held accountable either by the government or the public of Pakistan for absolutely poor quality of cars. The reason being, an excuse that these cars are not manufactured locally but, only assembled.

This past Ramadan the issue was brought to the media forefront by Pakistan’s renowned journalist and anchor person, Mr. Mubasher Lucman, who began his argument by offering condolences to PPP’s Qamar Zaman Qaira at the loss of his young son. How did it happen? The car mafia’s negligence… as reported by the media at the time, Qamar Zaman Qaira’s son while travelling on the highway with a friend tried to manoeuvre his vehicle to the side to protect a passer-by from an expected crash which resulted in both of them losing their own lives.

Although arguments were presented that the boys must be overspending, low quality manufacturing cannot be justified. The fact that these big brands fail to provide basic security to their clients who fill their pockets on a regular basis by keeping them in business, cannot be overlooked anymore.

Since that one incident was flashed on the media many other incidents have been reported. Including a recent one where the car completely caved in. Upon further research it was inferred that the car was a Toyota Saloon 2016, and while it is now as important as it was before to raise our voices against these brands that are playing with the lives of thousands of innocents.

Image: Toyota Saloon, 2016 model, completely totaled.

There is a new development in the mix.

With the announcement of the budget for fiscal year 2019-2020, these brands have increased retail price of their products as well. Suzuki for one has with immediate effect started charging Rs. 80,000/- to 100,000/- per unit. Let’s not forget that they have yet to take responsibility for their death-traps and their attitude of negligence and indifference, so how can they then increase their prices like that?

The time has come for the public to boycott these companies unless they take our security into consideration and make it a priority. Remember that if this were happening in a first-world country such as the United States or the United Kingdom, these companies would have been dealt with immediately and severely.

According to Baaghi TV’s sources, pictures of a newly manufactured Suzuki Alto have surfaced. This particular vehicle was taken out for a test drive when a motorbike crashed into it from behind.

Image: A newly manufactured Suzuki Alto after  a motorbike crashed into it from behind.

To conclude, keep in mind Mubasher Lucman’s tweet:

“Strict action must be taken against them and they should be made an example of.”


Stay tuned for more updates from Baaghi TV.

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