Car Mafia Responsible for Another Innocent Life Lost

Lahore (22nd June, 2019): Low quality safety standards cause another innocent to lose his life. 

According to Baaghi TV’s sources, owner of Bahawalpur based Ali Motors loses young son, Maalik Yasir Ali, in a road accident.

Maalik Ali was reportedly travelling from Khairpur to Bahawalpur when he crashed into a Trolley truck. Reports confirm that he died on the spot.

Police have timely reported and started their investigation, report Baaghi TV sources.

However the question stands, how many lives will it take for these big companies [Honda, Toyota, Suzuki] to improve the quality of their auto-mobiles? How many families must lose their loved ones before the car mafia makes our safety and security their priority?

Most locally manufactured cars though costly do not have the necessary features such as air bags, and better quality brakes which are an utmost requirement in case of a collision. Unless such companies start providing these to us, innocent lives will continue to be lost.


Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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