Cardi B Trolled for Associating “Pakistans” with Arabs and Oil

American Rapper, Cardi B, is the latest in the list of people trolled for reason(s) you can’t expect, recently, Cardi B trolled on Twitter for sharing her “levels” of a successful relationship including the “fifth level” which is marrying an Arab and owning “oils in the Pakistans”. 

According to Baaghi TV reports, the American entertainer has recently been in the limelight for a video clip on Twitter where she can be seen discussing the five levels of a successful relationship. Although all the “levels” got reactions, it was the last level in which she has presented an analogy of an Arab man owning oils in the “Pakistans” that has left the Twitterati in a fit of tears.

Let’s breakdown the five levels of a successful relationship:

First level: “if your man pays for your nails, hair and gives you $400 a week”

Second level: your man is paying for “surgeries” and paying your condo rent at nearly $3000

Third level: if he is buying a diamond chain and Mercedes-Benz for you

Fourth level: if he buys you a salon and spa

Fifth Level: “The fifth level is when you marry an Arab, congratulations because they own gas stations and all the oils in the Pakistans.”

Many things come to mind, however, first and foremost, what Pakistanis have been offended by is her lack of knowledge in geography. Perhaps it is time for Cardi B to get a lesson in Geography? While there  have been those who have been insulted by:

  • her insinuation that Pakistan is plural [“Pakistans”],   
  • the implication that Pakistan is somehow part of the Middle East instead of South Asia
  • the fact that Pakistan has oils

One Twitter user has commented that Pakistanis are “forever going to be known as the 5th level of Cardi B”. Another user tweeted, “I sorely misjudged Cardi B. You don’t get this type of insight just anywhere”.

One other user posted:

There isn’t oil in the ‘Pakistans’ though… ladies do your research, DO NOT fall for Pakistani guys promising you oils.

Twitter User

There have been those who have attempted to find the absolute hilarity in this situation.


Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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