Exclusive: Rohail Hyatt Makes Massive Change in House Band for ‘Coke Studio 12’

KARACHI 23rd July: Rohail Hyatt may not be a wizard but long lost fans of Coke Studio are clearly expecting a magical spell in Coke Studio 12. Firstly there’s the pressure to meet those expectations and then the budget cuts from the brand’s end haven’t helped the cause much, sources revealed.

While one would expect Hyatt to go back to his comfort zone of season one, he has chosen to do otherwise as far as the musicians are concerned. The founder of the show has returned without Gumby, Jaffer Zaidi and Asad Ahmed in the House Band while Omran Shafique is expected to feature in just one or two songs.

Since they were all in talks with Hyatt initially, it must have either been the budget cuts or Hyatt’s sudden eureka moment that he must hire a younger lot of musicians in order to resuscitate a show format that has already run its course. However, a number of local and international musicians will also join the House Band as featuring artists and collaborators.

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