Cargo Ship gets stuck near Sea view Karachi

Container ship from Panama has become an unwelcome guest on the Karachi shoreline, which has become difficult to remove due to the risk of sinking in the sand at any time, while the Karachi Port Trust has bluntly refused to relocate or destroy the ship.

The crippled ship anchored in Karachi’s port sank right on Clifton’s shoreline.A dangerous situation would have emerged if this ship had been an oil tanker, such as the Tasman Spirit ship.

The ship’s anchors were broken, therefore it landed ashore, according to the Karachi port authority, although experts claim that in such a circumstance, a ‘May Day call’ is given.

The port operations department, according to experts, failed to provide quick help to the ship. The port management initially released a statement requesting that the ship be evacuated quickly, but the process was unable to begin.

According to KPT sources, the country’s main port lacks the capacity to pull ships out of shallow water, thus ships will either be stranded for a long period or sold to a foreign salvage company for a high price.

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