Case filed against Meera for fraudulent activity


Lahore, 17th September: A case has been filed against Meera, the senior actress of Pakistan showbiz industry for fraudulent activity.

Baaghi TV: According to reports, actress Meera has been accused by a woman named Tasleem Kausar that the actress fraudulently got one Kanal house in her name.

The civil court heard the petition of a woman claiming that the house was hers which the actress got in her name. Civil Judge Adnan Ali heard the petition of a woman Tasleem.

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During the hearing, the woman took the position and said that Meera’s husband Atiq-ur-Rehman paid her all the money for the house. Meera fraudulently got the 1 Kanal house in her name, and now wants to sell that house.

The woman pleaded with the court to restrain the actress from selling the house and order the house papers to be named after Atiq-ur-Rehman in accordance with the law.

The court summoned the lawyers for the final hearing and adjourned the hearing till September 30.

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