Case registered against mufti Rehman over sexual assault charges

Lahore, 17th June: A case has been registered against JUI religious leader Mufti Aziz ur Rehman over sexual assault charges.

According to reports, Lahore police have filed a case against Mufti Aziz ur Rehman after a video showing the cleric sexually assaulting his student went viral on social media.

Watch the leaked video by clicking the link below:

The case was registered upon a complaint by the student after which the police raided the local madrassa in Lahore where the video was shot.

The student alleged that the former JUI leader Mufti Rehman sexually abused him and then the cleric’s sons started to blackmail him and threatened to kill him.

The victim said that if justice will not be carried out then he will commit suicide.

According to reports, a day earlier the superintendent of the madrassa fired the cleric for his horrendous crime.

The superintendent said that Rehman and his sons have been asked to leave the premises and that the madrassa is not responsible for their actions.

Meanwhile, JUI Lahore’s secretary-general also issued a notice stating that the party had suspended Mufti’s membership till the investigation finalizes.

On the other hand, the 70-year-old Mufti had alleged that the video was two years old and that the student was being used against him.

He took an oath declaring that he did not do such an act in his consciousness. He alleges that he was given something intoxicating and was not in his senses.

Watch Mufti’s statement here:

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