CCRI to modernize its research program to improve cotton production

MULTAN, Mar 13 (APP): Central Cotton Research Institute has expressed resolve to bring innovation in research methodology in order to improve per acre production of cotton.

While chairing a meeting with heads of different sections of CCRI, here on Saturday, Director CCRI Zahid Chaudhary stated that the department would modernize its research program with an aim to increase cotton production and ultimately revival of cotton in the region. He stated that the cotton sector was faced with numerous problems including climate changes, increasing cost of production, negligence in the care of cotton, pink bollworm, whiteflies leaf curled virus, and some others.

About innovation, he informed that CCRI was working on a specific machine, which would help reduce expenses on inputs cost. He claimed that expenses on fertilizers and pesticides would be reduced remarkably. Similarly, the institute will also check the impact of artificial rains and assess benefits and losses. The department will ensure proper steps for increasing yield.

On this occasion, Heads of Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology and Chemistry, Fibre Technology, Entomology, and Transfer of Technology. The Heads also shared their work plans for the Year 2012.APP/P:atf/X:ftp/L:meh/R:meh

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