Celebrating 10 years of Baaghi TV!

In honor of Baaghi TV’s tenth-year celebrations, team Baaghi TV offers tribute to the dedication and expertise of Mubasher Lucman, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Baaghi TV. 

Baaghi TV is a web portal that brings to you news, views, analysis, and content from Pakistan and all over the world while abiding by the journalistic ethics of news reporting and broadcasting. Baaghi TV brings the world to you!

Baaghi TV believes in authentic and true-to-the-journalistic ethics news reporting on the grounds of truth, justice, and honesty. All the news posted on the forum bears fundamental grounds, while fake and biased stories are strongly discouraged and refuted.

Mubasher Lucman is not only Baaghi TV’s CEO but also one of Pakistan’s leading investigative journalists and talk show hosts, with Khara Sach, among others to his credit. Lucman started Baaghi TV ten years ago and its journey is still actively disseminating authentic news and analyses to its viewers.

Baaghi TV came at a time when web portals were relatively new to Pakistan. Today, Baaghi TV turns 10 years old. It is in multiple languages including Urdu, English, Pushto/Dari, and Chinese. It covers many different facets of news and current affairs. In addition, Baaghi TV has been the trailblazer on social media for breaking news, live coverage of National and Regional events, and in-depth investigative reports.

Our entertainment, sports, and lifestyle sections attract the youth and women whilst our YouTube channels offer a diverse pattern of web programming that is unique to Baaghi TV. Over a period of one decade true to its name Baaghi stands out as a ‘Rebel with a Cause’.

We constantly endeavor to bring to you news as they happen and when they happen. Today Baaghi TV is a trusted name on the Pakistan digital platform. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. (Chinese proverb).

In addition, there is also a job portal titled “BaaghiTV Jobs Portal” in which daily job advertisements are published for Pakistan’s promising youth.

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