Celebrities Battling the Virus Share their Experiences for Public Awareness


ISLAMABAD, Jul 6 (APP): Many Pakistani celebrities who tested positive for corona virus have shared their experiences of going through the quarantine time, battling and recovering from the novel COVID19.
Celebrities who battled the virus discussed their take on the virus to create public awareness about how to overcome this difficult time physically and psychologically. These included some big names from the entertainment industry such as singer and politician Abrar ul Huq, actresses Rubina Ashraf, Sakina Sammo and Laila Zuberi, fashion designers Amir Adnan, Maheen Khan and anchors Wasay Choudhary and Shafaat Ali among others.

Renowned actress from Islamabad, Laila Zuberi recovered from COVID19 after being quarantined here at her home while her husband stayed in hospital for almost 16 days. Sharing her experience on how to fight with corona virus at home, she told APP she was positive during this time and focused on a healthy diet, exercises and praying to boost immunity and stay stress free. “I practiced some breathing exercises and kept an oximeter with me all the time to check oxygen levels besides taking protein stocks, fresh fruits and a balanced diet. She added that we should not panic if we get a positive result for COVID19, continue wearing a mask and isolate ourselves for early recovery.

Abrar-ul-Haq had also contracted the virus last month. He took to twitter saying, “My corona test came out positive. I am home quarantined. However, InshaAllah, I will keep performing my duties through Skype as a Red Crescent and Sahara worker. Please pray for me and all those fighting it”.

Fashion designer Amir Adnan also took to Instagram to confirm that he tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month. “As soon as you detect any of the Covid symptoms, isolate immediately and get tested. I took steam for 10 minutes followed with salt and hot water gargle six times a day. Drank hot green tea with ginger and honey at least 10-12 cups a day,” he added.

Comedian and actor Vasay Chaudhry confirmed the news on Twitter as well. “I have tested positive for Covid-19 and self quarantining. I have no symptoms. My family tested negative. I have already notified people I have come in contact with recently to get themselves tested and self isolate, if need be,” he posted on his official account.

TV host, stand-up comedian and actor Shafaat Ali also confirmed he had tested positive for the virus. He confirmed he was experiencing mild symptoms and has been using his social media account since to spread awareness about the virus.

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