Sushant Singh Suicide: Shekhar Suman reveals the conspiracies

India, 6th July: Sushant Singh Rajput, the young Indian actor whose demise a few weeks back came as a sudden shock and has raised several eyes on the media industry.

According to reports, the actor was found dead in his Mumbai residence on the 14th of June. It is reported that the actor was battling depression and hung himself in his room.

While the cops didn’t find a suicide note at his residence, there have been speculations about a foul play in the case. Besides, Sushant’s demise also sparked a fresh controversy on nepotism in Bollywood.

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As the Mumbai police investigate the case, the actor and host Shekhar Suman has been very active in Sushant Singh’s suicide case. Suman has claimed that there is much more than what meets the eye. He asserted that while Sushant’s case might appear as a suicide, yet the evidence points out the possibility of a conspiracy.

According to India Today, the actor was reported saying, “Many facts and evidence have come which show that there is more than what meets the eye. It could be a conspiracy that Sushant Singh Rajput was brought to the brink of committing suicide. The matter needs to be investigated thoroughly.”

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Shekhar pointed out that a mafia is operating in the Indian film industry and believed that Sushant was at the receiving end of nepotism in the showbiz world.

He said, “Besides Shah Rukh Khan and I, Sushant was the only one to have started off as a TV actor and achieved success on the big screen thereafter. A self-respecting man who did not believe in massaging egos of big shots, he must have become an eyesore for many.”

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The 66-year-old actor has demanded a CBI inquiry in Sushant’s case, as he claims to know some names in Bollywood but refuses to name them.

He highlighted the important questions in the case and stated, “There are gangs and the caucus in the film industry. How is it possible that a man like Sushant Singh did not write a suicide note? Sushant also changed 50 SIM cards in the last one month. Who was he avoiding? Was there a professional rivalry?”


Shekhar pointed out that one instant Sushant was reported to be playing with his PlayStation and drinking juice, then how could he hang himself the next moment?

Shekhar has raised the speculations stating that why would a person be changing his SIM cards every now and then? A person would do only if he is under threats or want to avoid someone.

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The actor has also pointed out that the ceilings in Mumbai apartments are not too high and Sushant was 6 feet tall, how could he have hung himself when there was not enough room.

Shekhar Suman stated that he was not a forensic expert but a common man, and who would not know that if a person hangs himself, his face gets distorted, eyes, saliva, and tongue come out, but that wasn’t the case that happened to Sushant Singh. The mark on his neck should not be asymmetrical, which wasn’t.

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The actor has raised serious concerns regarding the death of Sushant Singh and says that proper investigation should be allowed to happen. Justice should be carried out for Sushant Singh.

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