Celebrities Come Forward to Condemn Exploitation of Ahmed Shah

Ahmed Shah, an adorable four year-old became famous for "peechey tou dekho"

Lahore (1st June, 2019): YouTube star Arslan Naseer’s video helps celebrities step forward to condemn the exploitation of Ahmed Shah’s childhood.

Ahmed Shah an adorable 4 year-old Pathan kid gained overnight fame when a video of his went viral.This video was made by one of his teachers. These days Ahmed Shah appears regularly on various shows aired on private TV channels.

Recently, YouTube star Arslan Naseer of Comics by Arslan, made a video to highlight this issue of the young pathan’s innocence being exploited.

He critiques the careless attitude of prominent TV channels who are cashing in on Ahmed Shah’s innocence for higher ratings. He has further argued in favor of Ahmed Shah by pointing out that his childhood is being commercialized and that too without the child’s consent.

This video, since it was first published on 29th May, 2019, has gained recognition from other famous Pakistani celebrities and influencers who in turn have come forward and condemned this movement of using Ahmed Shah as a product of commercial value and as a mere prop on live shows.

Amongst those speaking up in favor of CBA’s video “Pathan K Bachay Ko Bachao” [Save that Pathan Kid], are journalist Asif Khan, Professional Squash player Noorena Shams and actor Sajal Ali.

Sajal Ali took to Instagram to share the following message in her insta-stories:

She wrote, “Guys please watch this video and wake up. Thank you for making this video @arslan.naseer.cba”.


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