Cheating wife, nephew behind Rawalpindi police constable’s murder

RAWALPINDI 16th July: A week after the murder of a police constable in Rawalpindi, authorities on Monday revealed that the actual culprits were his own wife and nephew who were ‘having an affair’.

“On July 7, police constable Azhar Hussain was murdered at his home,” said SP Saddar Division Rae Mazhar while addressing a news conference in the garrison city.

The police official said that the victim’s wife, Sameera Bibi, had told authorities that her husband was killed when robbers entered their home and opened fire on him.
“The evidence we found at the crime scene and Sameera’s statement was conflicting and we soon realised that there was more to it than meets the eye,” SP Mazhar added. The police then took the wife into custody where she confessed to not only having an affair with his maternal nephew, who has been identified as Zahid, but also plotting with him to kill her husband. The two suspects also tried to portray the murder as being carried out by the robbers.

Sameera, who has three children with husband, said that she wanted to kill him so she could marry Zahid. Her paramour has also confessed to committing the crime.

Sameera said that when her husband returned home from his duty, she mixed sleeping pills in his food after which Zahid proceeded to kill him.

A case has been registered against the accused persons.

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