Chef Burak becomes a fan of Pakistani tea

Lahore, 2nd November: World-renowned Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir has became addicted to Pakistani tea.

Baaghi TV: After the Indian wing commander Abhinandan, famous Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir becomes a fan of Pakistani tea.

According to reports, Chef Burak is currently on a visit to Pakistan and enjoying Pakistani food and entertainment venues, pictures of which are circulating on social media.

Recently on social networking site Twitter, famous social activist and lawyer Hassan Niazi shared a video of the Turkish chef in which he is seen having a cup of tea in his hand and says that he has become a fan of Pakistani tea.

Hassan Niazi wrote that this sentence said by Burak is a gift for every Pakistani.

It should be noted that on February 27, 2019, an Indian plane was shot down by the Pakistan Air Force in violation of Pakistan’s borders, in which one pilot was killed and one pilot, Abhinandan, was arrested and offered tea. When he was asked about the tea, he told that Pakistani tea is very good, after which this phrase of Abhinandan became famous among social media users.

Earlier, the Turkish chef Burak visited Panahgah in Islamabad, where he helped prepare food with the kitchen staff and then distributed the food among the people and sat down with them in the shelter to eat.


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