Chief Justice makes claims against sale of counterfeit drugs

Lahore, 21st July: The case of coronavirus so motu notice was heard in the Supreme Court. During the hearing, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed directed that social distance be maintained in the court.

According to Baaghi TV, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed asked that how did DRAP allow the import of unregistered drugs? Which hospital asked for machinery and medicine?

The Chief Justice inquired which medicines were coming from India? Chairman DRAP said that the import of medicines from India was banned. Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed inquired that the medicines coming from India were illegal and what is their status?

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The attorney general admitted in court that the cabinet had allowed some drugs but the imports were too high.

Shehzad Akbar submitted a report that the permission had been misused. Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that without the connivance of DRAP, no medicine can come and counterfeit medicines are being found under the nose of DRAP.

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Those who make and sell counterfeit medicines should be sentenced to death. In Pakistan, there is a maximum sentence of two weeks for the counterfeit medicine sellers and a fine of only Rs 10 thousand is imposed on them.


The court declared DRAP’s report unsatisfactory. The court has sought all the details regarding the drugs imported from DRAP.

During the hearing, the Supreme Court also reprimanded the Additional Secretary Health. Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that writing a letter does not solve the problems.


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