China begins expanding its air base near Ladakh, delivering fighter jets

Lahore, 27th May: India is witnessing its worst-ever border tensions since the Kargil battle in 1999, with China bringing forward at least 5,000 troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. China has begun expanding its airbase near Ladakh.

According to Indian media, the site of the May 5 and 6 clashes between Indian and Chinese forces, located just 200 km from Pangong Lake, at an altitude of a Chinese base, shows large-scale construction activities in satellite images.

Two images obtained exclusively from an open-source intelligence expert show that China has begun to expand its airbase in Ladakh, according to analyst Shadow Brake Intel. He says the first image is from April 6, 2020, while the second is from May 21 this year and shows large-scale construction activities, including the position of helicopters or fighter jets. The taxi track is visible.

China building up troops in Ladakh, worst stand off since Kargil 1999

A third photo shows a lineup of four fighter jets at the airport, believed to be Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force J-11 or J-16 fighter jets.

The Indian government is deeply concerned over the delivery of fighter jets to the airbase by China and the expansion of the airbase. The Modi government has convened a meeting today after the embarrassing defeat of the Indian Army by China.

It should be noted that border tensions between China and India have been steadily rising and more than 5,000 Chinese troops have reportedly infiltrated India.

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