China Starts Building Dam in Ladakh

According to a Baaghi TV report the tensions between India and China at Galwan Valley continue as China has not only killed Indian soldiers but also arrested many whom it has since released.

China ventured many kilometres inside Indian territory and took control of it. China also entered Indian airspace many times but India did not respond. When Indian soldiers tried to recover their territory from China during the night, China first warned them, and the next time attacked them, during which 20 of them including a Colonel was killed and dozens went missing.

After the clash between the two nations there is pressure on the Modi government from the opposition and the public to take revenge for the deaths of the Indian soldiers however, Modi summoned an All Parties Conference. There has also been dialogue on the military level between the two nations in which China has asked India to take action against the soldiers who broke the border control rules. The tensions have still not decreased and China still has forces and military equipment in Ladakh in the thousands.

According to Baaghi TV reports, the Indian media has claimed that China has started building a dam on Galwan River. They have shown satellite images that show that China has stopped the water flow at Galwan River and some construction activity is going on.

According to the Indian media the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry was asked about it during a press conference yesterday but he replied that he knows nothing about it. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that Indian is responsible for whatever happened in Ladakh. Indian forces violated the border over which China responded to stop them, so the responsibility lies not on China but on India.

After the Indian military leadership begged China during their dialogue with their Chinese counterparts, China has released the arrested Indian soldiers. Although India was insisting that none of its soldiers is missing. However after China released the arrested soldiers, another lie by India stands exposed.

Baaghi TV reports that according to defence analysts the release of the arrested soldiers can help cool down tensions between the two nations. However the All Parties Conference presided over by PM Modi scheduled for the evening was meant to discuss the resulting situation.

India has accepted that 20 soldiers were killed. However, unconfirmed reports suggest that more than 40 lost their lives and dozens are missing. Some are arrested by the Chinese Army which includes a major.

It should be clear that three days after the border dispute between India and China that started on 5th May in Galwan Valley, Ladakh, and later in Nakula in the NorthEastern region of Sikkim, tensions increased and China entered and arrested Indian soldiers and arrested several whom it later released.

According to Indian media reports the tensions between the Indian and Chinese forces is ongoing. Both countries have shifted weapons and combat vehicles in big numbers to the border area and the forces at the border posts has also increased.

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