India desperate to involve Pakistan in a conflict

Lahore, 19th June: Modi has gone crazy, the RSS ideology is taking its toll on the Indian society.

Once it used to be portrayed as the most tolerant and vibrant democracy where all religious beliefs and communities could live in harmony.

This Hindutva idealogy has destroyed the social fabric. Cast difference was there in the Hindu religion but years of submission and the perks of living under Muslim and Christian rulers had developed a society that was tolerant, not racist, and welcoming.

Early in 1939 and now in 2012 after the empowerment of BJP, the Indian ruling party exposed India’s true face.

Who is the new superpower in the world?

Pakistan’s leading anchor, Mubasher Lucman unveils the facts on the Indian political scenario regarding Pakistan and states in his recent video that the political ideology of BJP after winning the second consecutive ruling term has brought the Hindu Superamecy idea on street level.

Lucman adds that the tension among different communities is rising, hate crimes are reported as routine. May it be Assam, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Delhi, or Kashmir, BJP backed terrorists have plundered and murdered minorities.

Mubasher Lucman informs us that same is the case in the Indian army which is big in number and hosts all communities. Around 175,000 are the Hindus which comprise the Indian army, the rest of it is comprised of Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, and other communities who are not welcomed by the Hindu colleagues.

NAB must be held answerable

Discrimination is a big factor creating a big divide in the army ranks. All high official ranks and positions are mainly headed by Hindu Officers and their behavior towards junior staff is humiliating.

The latest tension in Ladakh has exposed the differences among Indian armed forces and there moral level. Videos are viraled where despite being more in number the Indian army officers are seen getting beaten in hand to hand combat. Indian media always reports Indian army success whereas, in reality, the Chinese army released captured Indian soldiers yesterday too.

Lucman revealed that the Indian army complains about the ration shortage and poor medical facilities. Modi got his own soldiers killed because the Hindu origined Army doctors refused to treat other religious faith officers and soldiers.

Beneath the Uniform- The Plight of Soldiers in Indian Army

The popularity of the Indian Army is an all-time low, people discourage their children to be admitted to the Indian Army which is creating a vacuum in middle and lower-middle ranks. The staff is overworked and hard area service is creating mental issues with the majority of soldiers.

There is a limit to which a human can take the pressure and if you are in continuous stress physio balance is disturbed.

Lucman informs that PM Khan also feels that Modi has gone crazy and his hysteria can prove dangerous as he is planning to launch some aggressive campaign against Pakistan.

This is a desperate move to get Pakistan involved in a war and then get the public support and get an excuse for Indian Allies to jump in as Pakistan has Chinese and Russian backing.

Other than this, Modi is trying to block trade between India and China and as a first step, they are banning Chinese telecom imports and canceling railway agreement with China.

India Antagonised China for America’s Sake

But they do not comprehend that if the Chinese technology is banned they will have to switch to European alternatives which are expensive and the boasted foreign exchange reserves will deplete quickly.

This will have a hugh impact on the Indian economy and inflation will rise making life for common man even more difficult. Modi’s madness is costing India big time.

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