Chinese company to invest $3b in Lahore project.

Lahore, 23rd June: $ 3 Billion to be invested by a Chinese environmental company in the clean drinking water and sanitation system in Lahore, said Punjab Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT) Chairman Sardar Tanveer IIyas Khan.

Although name of the company has not been disclosed saying negotiations were at early stages, he revealed that the same company had already done and completed a couple of hydro projects in Pakistan.

In a statement issued by the PBIT chairman said the metropolitan city did not have a single water filtration plant, although it had expanded its boundaries with its allied districts.
“This is the main reason why our underground water is becoming arsenic; Lahore does not have any water management and waste collection system; if things go smoothly, then the city will get an entirely new and modern water management system,” he said. “Citizens will have to pay to get these civic necessities and this will be expanded to other cities later.”

The previous provincial government had started many companies to tackle such issues mainly in partnership with Turkish companies like Lahore Waste Management Company, which was initiated to collect garbage and clean main arteries of Lahore.

Punjab Saaf Pani Company was another startup of the previous Punjab government to provide clean drinking water in southern Punjab, but it was unable to deliver within the stipulated time frame.

The PBIT chairman added that apart from the Chinese investment, his department had an eye on overseas Pakistanis in order to encourage them to invest in different ventures in the provincial industrial zones. “Punjab has almost 7.6 million registered overseas workforce, which sends almost Rs2 trillion annually,” he said. “It is the biggest motivation for us as this workforce can invest in the processed food industry and different industrial zones.”

He was of the view that the government needs to resolve any and all  the issues faced by overseas Pakistanis by living out of the nation before inviting them to pour their precious capital into Punjab.

“When the government expects the PBIT to attract investors into new sectors, it should also strengthen the department first by giving it powers,” Khan stated. He pointed out that the Overseas Pakistanis Commission was initiated back in 2014 and until early 2019 not a single meeting was held because only the chief minister could chair such meetings.

He noted and stated that the chief minister could not spare time, hence, he should not head meetings which were crucial for the PBIT.

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