Chughtai Healthcare organizes Breast Cancer awareness walk

Saturday, September 16, 2021: Chughtai Healthcare organized a breast cancer awareness walk at Jail Road Lahore to educate the community on the prevention of breast cancer and the importance of early detection for treatment, from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Chughtai Healthcare has the vision to create Pakistan a healthy society by educating the community on important topics related to healthcare. This session was also a step closer to the same vision.

The event started with the welcome note of Javaria Khan, Country Head Sales, and Marketing, in which she discussed the multiple initiatives that Chughtai Healthcare has started to move Pakistan closer to becoming a healthier community.

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Chughtai healthcare breast cancer awareness walk

An awareness session was also a part of the program where Dr. Sadaf Ishaque, Surgeon Breast, and General Surgery talked about the importance of self-examination for women and the preventive strategies against breast cancer. While talking to the audience she said “Breast cancer is one of the leading diseases in women but it can be treated if it is detected early. We as a nation need to educate each other on important screenings and examinations to keep ourselves safe.”

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The walk started at 3:30 on Jail Road and concluded at Chughtai Healthcare’s head office. The event ended with a concluding note by Dr. Omar Chughtai, Director of Operations Chughtai Healthcare, who thanked the participants for joining Chughtai Healthcare for the cause.

He said “It is very important for us as a community to come together and work towards a healthier community. Let’s all pledge to make Pakistan a healthier community and make preventive health a priority. He also talked about Chughtai Healthcare’s commitment to ensure maximum women can get a mammogram done by offering a 50% discount.”

The audience applauded the efforts of Chughtai Healthcare in raising awareness for the disease and committed to taking it forward by educating others.

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