PEMRA issues directive regarding ads on TV channels


Lahore, 5th October: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued instructions on displaying advertisements on the TV channels.

Baaghi TV: PEMRA has issued an important directive regarding the promotion and advertisement of goods on TV channels.

PEMRA, acting on the request of a journalist, has warned the advertising companies to refrain from showing indecent scenes on advertisements like recent Gala Biscuits advertisement.

Journalist Ansar Abbasi had recently criticized the advertisement on his Twitter handle and called the dance of the actress Mehwish Hayat as the ‘Mujra’. He addressed PEMRA and PM Imran Khan and asked where are the institutions. He wrote that this country was built in the name of Isla.

Many argued that the ad was part of the culture and defended it. Many people said that when male actors in Pakistan dance for such advertisements, then no one remembers the Eastern values.

This cultural dance was declared as ‘Mujra’ because it involves a female institution.

However, PEMRA took notice of it and ordered all TV channels and advertising companies to refrain from airing such pornographic scenes.

Journalist Ansar Abbasi also shared on his Twitter account, “Praise be to God! PEMRA has issued advisory to all TV channels, PBA and concerned agencies for running advertisements based on dances to sell biscuits on public protests and said that our values should be taken care of. I thank all those who raised their voices against this success.”


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