Clarification of Bushra Ansari’s statement regarding Janat Mirza

June 8, 2021: BaaghiTV: Pakistan showbiz industry senior and legendary actress Bushra Ansari in her recent post on her verified Instagram account explained the statement about Janat Mirza and said that it is a pity that everything happened for this matter.

“I saw only one post and could not control my anger when the feelings of minorities were hurt in it,” he said. Bushra Ansari said in an explanatory statement that without knowing that it was an unintentional mistake made by Janat Mirza for which she has apologized, I shared the post but later when I came to know about it, I took to Instagram. Deleted that post from Bushra Ansari further said that I did not know who Janat Mirza is, I am not teaching Islam to anyone here but now we have to become human and respect humanity. The legendary actress said that children should respect their elders even if they are scolding you for your mistakes.

It should be noted that two days ago, a few days ago, a short video of Jannat Mirza went viral, in which he was wearing a pendant made in the style of the Christian religious symbol ‘Cross’, on which later Christians started protesting against her. There was also a request to apologize for hurting religious sentiments and feelings.

Janat Mirza also apologized for the incident after Christians accused him of hurting his feelings. However, senior actress Bushra Ansari later criticized Tick Tocker, saying that she did not know Islam or other religions and called Tuck Tucker “ignorant”. Bushra Ansari later deleted his post. After which Tuck Tucker Janat Mirza along with her sister Tuck Tucker Alishba Anjum and Janat Mirza’s alleged fiance and Tick Tocker Umar Butt used inappropriate words and harshly criticized the senior actress.

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